10 Steps to a Successful Sale

First National Mooloolaba & Maroochydore strive to maximise the sale price of every home we market. We consult carefully with you on the approach to your sale, and pride ourselves on getting the best results in the shortest possible time. Here's how ...

1. Accurate appraisal
We want to sell your property for the highest price, in the shortest possible time. This starts with a realistic comparative market analysis. Our agents have expert knowledge of property values and this is how we consistently achieve our anticipated price.

2. Method of Sale
We’ll explain the different methods of sale and help you choose what suits you best. Typically, options include Private Treaty (For Sale) or Auction but alternatives are available where applicable. We’ll also look at timing and any local events that could impact on the success of your campaign.

3. Presentation
We love making sure buyers see the full value of your property. To make sure this happens, we’ll make recommendations about a myriad of little things you can do to make sure your property's presentation is spot on.

4. Promotion
To maximise your sale price, we’ll discuss a range of marketing and advertising options that guarantee every possible buyer for your property is alerted to your sale. Our goal is to sell your property for a premium and achieve that 10% hidden premium in the marketplace by executing the premium price formula:
Effective Promotion + Negotiation Skills + Competitive Bidding + Emotional Connection = Premium Price
Our aim is to find a ‘Heart Buyer’ who will pay a premium price as they become emotional about your property. To achieve this, your property's marketing campaign must advertise your property in it's best light and find multiple buyers. The greater the competition, the better the result !

5. Inspections
Once everything’s ready, we’ll start showing buyers through your home/property. Choose from ‘Open House Inspections’ or ‘Private Buyer Appointments’ and set times that are best to show your home.

6. Momentum
When we begin promoting your property a swell of interest in the property occurs. Competition from the most active buyers in the marketplace peaks in the first few weeks – this is generally when the strongest offers are received. Maintaining momentum is crucial. If offers are not attracted in the early phases of marketing, a market review is recommended to maintain competitiveness. Knowing when the time is right to alter pricing is a delicate matter and sends signals to the marketplace.

7. Communication
We monitor the progress of your sale diligently to ensure the promotion of your property is on track. We will continually consult with you to assure you understand your chosen position, and fine tune our approach in response to the buyer feedback.

8. Offers
Our markeing campaign will generate offers from interested parties. This is where our negotiation skills make the difference. We’ll help you assess offers, make recommendations about how to optimise negotiations, and recommend when to sell.

9. Contracts
Once you’ve accepted an offer, or the hammer has fallen at Auction, documentation will be signed by buyer and seller.

10. Settlement Period
Settlement is typically 30 days from the date the contract is signed but can be negotiated during the sale process to suit both the seller and buyer's needs. During the settlement period, you begin packing up and planning for the final settlement or ‘moving day’

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