Thank you for everything in getting this over the line for me but also over the long years that I have known you in business, you have been a star for me and I really appreciate your business professionalism.

15 Sep 2021
Extensive knowledge of the area body corporate by laws and the trades available for various jobs

I have known Amber for approximately 10 years, initially as a managing agent for one of my properties. In her capacity as a managing agent she has proved to be very capable and went far beyond her duties. So when the time came to sell my property I had no hesitation in entrusting her with the sale.

Since that time I bought other properties through Amber and she is managing them as well. She has made my job a lot easier with her extensive knowledge of the area body corporate by laws and the trades available for various jobs.

Every time I'm thinking of selling or buying a property on Sunshine Coast I know I can count on Amber for achieving the best results. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone looking for or selling a property as well as looking for a property manager.

George J
Vendor & Landlord
18 Sep 2020
Showed exceptional ability and in depth knowledge

Amber has been managing my property in Maroochydore for the past approximately 10 years, involving leasing to tenants, general management and recently selling the property.

In each area she showed exceptional ability and in depth knowledge. This involved the rules governing the leasing of the property, the diverse knowledge needed for property management and the diplomacy, patience and helpful suggestions needed in organising a successful sale of the property.

In every area Amber would always show total commitment to solving an issue leaving no stone unturned. This would ensure the outcome would be correct.

In any communication Amber would be clear in her thinking, her suggestions considered, astute and helpful. She was always polite and always punctual in her communications.

Over many years I have been involved with other property managers and I am pleased to say Amber stands out in front.

Keith H
Landlord & Vendor
18 Sep 2020