Home Seller's Guide

Selling your property is not a task undertaken everyday. When you’re selling, it’s important to be fully informed and plan each step carefully.

This booklet guides you through the process, providing advice on selecting the best real estate agent, realistically pricing your home, preparing and presenting your home for sale and, finally, the move.

Maintaining & Preparing Your Home For Profit

We have learned that the best price comes from the best preparation. As your real estate partner it is our intention - via this document - to help you maximise your price and to make the sale of your property an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

So let's get started by preparing your home for profit.

Your Greatest Move

Moving into a lifestyle village can sound a little overwhelming at first, with many people wondering whether the timing is right for them or how to get the process started.

This guide outlines what is involved in transitioning into a Lifestyle Village, and what your options are.

Dealing with Divorce

Having to sell a beloved family home on top of a relationship breakdown can be a highly emotional and stressful situation.

The laws around property settlement in these types of situations can be quite complex. In addition, there have been changes to the Family Law Act 1975 (the Act) that can impact the final outcome of a property settlement.

This guide covers the things you need to consider when selling a property amidst potentially challenging circumstances.

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