Professional, responsible, honest, reliable

I have known Amber Hackworthy for nearly 10 years.

My husband passed away 11 years ago, and Amber has been such an amazing support to me over the years finding tenants to lease the sheds my husband built at Kunda Park.

I honestly would not have managed without her.

Amber is so professional, responsible, honest, reliable, has amazing integrity and treats all people with respect.

She always goes out her way to ensure both owner and tenant come to an amicable agreement.

I would like to thank Amber for her guidance and care over the years.

Laurie G
18 Sep 2020
Full Transparency

Amber Hackworthy has been handling our building since February 2018. She has always handled our lease with professionalism. Any issues we have had during our tenancy has been handled swiftly, always replying to my emails ASAP, any repair issues within the building are completed in a timely matter.

I always feel there is full transparency between myself and the landlord and nothing is left in the dark. It's been an absolute pleasure working with Amber and are looking forward to continuing to work with her as a client in the future. Thanks a bunch, Amber :)

Sam L
17 Sep 2020
Extremely happy

I am happy to confirm, that over the past approx. 10 years Amber Hackworthy has been managing our commercial unit at Buderim.

During this time we have been extremely happy with the level of service given to us as landlords, and to our tenant.

We have found Amber's communication open and effective, keeping us informed, ensuring rent payments are up to date, and managing any matters needing attention.

In particular, Amber has done a great job during the difficult circumstances brought about by Covid-19 for which we are very grateful.

17 Sep 2020