Maximise Your Returns with First National Coastal

As a property investor you want to be assured that your property is managed professionally & efficiently.

What we do to help maxmise your returns, while minimising your expenses:

  • Promote your property through our advanced letting system, maximising the number of applications and minimising vacancy
  • Undertake thorough tenant screening
  • Conduct comprehensive entry and exit condition reports supported by detailed photos
  • Perform quarterly routine property inspections
  • Obtain quotes and organise repairs when necessary, using reputable suppliers, in accordance with your instructions
  • Charge tenants for water consumption in water efficient properties 
  • Review and negotiate rental increases
  • Resolve any tenant issues
  • Manage the vacate process

We feel that rental management is not merely “collection of rent” but doing all that we can to ensure that the property that you choose to invest your hard earned dollars in, retains & increases its value so that when you sell this property you receive the maximum amount of capital gain possible on your original investment.

What we deliver:

  • Award Winning Efficient Staff
  • Competitive Property Management Fees
  • Timely Disbursements
  • Regular & Prompt Communication

Landlord satisfaction can only be achieved by a well trained and qualified rental management department whose appreciation of the law, the Residential Tenancies Authority and application of proven systems results in a maximum return with minimum fuss.

Considering changing managements, or just wanting to compare with your current management agreement ?

Give us a call or fill out the form below and we'll do a thorough rental appraisal of what returns you could expect for your property.


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