When should you change managing agents ?

If you are not happy with your current managing agent or property manager, and have communicated your concerns, and your concerns have not been addressed, then it may be time to switch managing agents.

Can I change managing agents mid tenancy / mid lease ?
Your tenants lease will remain valid even if you change agents mid term. In fact, we find that most tenants are happy when landlords make the change to us - because we deliver on what we promise !

Do I need to notify my current managing agent ?
Once we have your authority, we will notify your current managing agent and arrange to pick up your property file and keys from their office. We will also notify your tenants of the change. You don’t even need to make a call.

How do I change managing agents ?
Step 1.  Click here and request the switch
Step 2.  We will send you the required Listing Authority for you to sign and return

Top 10 Reasons Investors Change Managing Agents
How many of these apply to you ?

1.    Unreasonable level of rent arrears
2.    Unexpected change of managing agent or agency
3.    Excessive vacancy periods resulting in lost rent
4.    Lack of inspections & subsequent written reports
5.    Lack of communication from their current Property Manager
6.    Lease lapsing onto a Periodic Tenancy without the Landlords authority
7.    Lack of market rent reviews resulting in loss of potential income
8.    Lack of systemised follow through on maintenance
9.    Having to wait for monthly disbursements
10.    Surprises in their monthly statement (unauthorised extra charges)

Our Service Guarantee

We Guarantee:
1.    Our ongoing commitment to minimising rental arrears
2.    Consistent service with a dedicated property manager
3.    Our systemised letting process minimises vacancy rates
4.    Quarterly routine inspections, thorough entry and exit condition inspections & comprehensive reporting
5.    Regular & prompt communication
6.    To always confirm your instructions for re-leasing your property
7.    Regular market rent reviews to maximise your return on your asset
8.    Our maintenance management software ensures no work request is missed  
9.    Mid month and/or End of Month disbursements as preferred
10.    To seek your approval of any expenses, as directed by you

Should we fail to provide any of the above services you are at liberty to cancel your Management Agreement or we will refund the last three months management and rent collection fees from the time you notify the Principal.

As a landlord you want to be assured that your property is managed professionally & efficiently.

Our award winning staff are committed to providing a personal & effective service aimed at maximizing your rental returns & protecting your investment.
Making the switch is easier than you might think – call us today

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