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A second record low 1.99% home loan has arrived


23 July 2020 | Source: Property Observer

Lender has introduced a record low discounted variable rate of 1.99%, available for one year before it reverts to 2.57%.

The move comes less than one month after Tasmanian customer owned bank, Bank of Us introduced fixed rates of 1.99%.

With’s new lowest variable rate of 1.99% only available for one year, Canstar has compared the interest paid over the 30 year life of the loan between the new offer and the current lowest variable rate of 2.19%.

The analysis reveals that taking out the introductory offer of 1.99% would see borrowers with lower monthly repayments for 12 months though it will cost $25,517 more in interest over the life of the loan (assuming the rate differential stays the same). 

Canstar's finance expert, Steve Mickenbecker said,“just last month we saw fixed rates crack the 2% barrier, with variable rates now following suit, albeit with an introductory rate that moves higher after 12 months.”

“The four minute mile of home loans, a rate below 2%, was broken last month and with the barrier broken we are now seeing fast followers.

“We saw how quickly the competition moved below 3% once that record fell, so a rate below 2% could soon become the qualifying rate to be competitive.

“A rate below 2% could make a big difference to homeowners’ hip pockets each month, but borrowers have to be prepared for a higher monthly repayment when the 12 month introductory period expires, even though the ongoing rate is competitive.

“Switching from the average variable rate of 3.44% to a rate of 1.99% on an average $400,000 loan could put $307 per month or over $3,600 back into borrowers wallets in just the first year,” he concluded.



Three of the Big Four banks now offering home loan cash backs

21 May 2020 | Source: Property Observer

More than a dozen lenders are offering cash incentives for home owners willing to move their business to a new lender, with Suncorp Bank, Reduce Home Loans and 86 400 the latest, according to RateCity.

Suncorp Bank is now offering up to $3,000 to refinancers, plus an additional $1,000 for people working in essential services roles, such as doctors, nurses, teachers and police officers.

A total of 13 banks currently have cashbacks on offer, including three of the big four banks – CBA, Westpac and ANZ. crunched the numbers based on someone refinancing their loan with $400,000 remaining to see whether they would be ahead or behind after picking a cashback special over one of the lowest rates in the market. 

Sally Tindall, research director at, said while low rate loans were usually more cost effective, the tide was turning as the bigger banks chase after new customers more aggressively.

“Cashback specials are nothing new. They’ve been used for years as a clever marketing tool to grab people’s attention. What’s changed is the banks are starting to offer cashback on loans that also have competitive rates,” she said.

“Someone who refinances every couple of years to a competitively priced loan could potentially come out on top by taking up a cashback special."

“However, over the long term it’s a completely different story. A low rate is almost certainly going to trump a one-off perk over 10 or 20 years – often by tens of thousands of dollars."

“While the promise of cold hard cash is hugely attractive for anyone juggling the bills, people who put the money back into their mortgage will see even bigger savings as it will reduce their interest charges every single day," she concluded.