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Six Key Criteria Of Proven Property Performers

7 Jan 2019 | Source: Your Investment Property

After more than a dozen years of analysing data and crunching the numbers on thousands of suburbs across Australia, the team at Your Investment Property has developed a keen eye for properties with profit potential.

We’re always on the hunt to find you the neighbourhoods that show the best promise for growth going forward.

We also want to arm you with the information to do this due diligence yourself – which is why we want to share the 6 key criteria for properties with solid investment potential:

Affordability: After Sydney and Melbourne’s recent boom, affordability in these markets has been limited. Although not all of the suburbs in this list are considered “affordable” – there are some 7-figure locations list – we aimed to find suburbs with competitive prices, either for the base of people they appeal to, or compared with neighbouring areas with a similar offering.

Demand: Each suburb had to pass the criterion of being a desirable place to live – an area where a large and diverse tenant base would put long-term demand on accommodation.

Demographics: Suburbs with a growing population moved to the top of our list, as these ensure increasing and continuing demand to underpin the housing market. We also paid attention to suburbs where the average household income of residents was increasing.

Economy: Property markets backed by sound economics generally have the best price and rent growth potential, so we looked for regions that enjoy a growing economy, which supports wages growth and relatively high disposable incomes.

Growth prospects: Those areas with the most potential to grow in the short and long term were highly ranked. We took into account past property cycles, current buyer sentiment, supply and demand issues and the strength of the local economy.

Improvements: Markets made the cut if there were a number of changes planned, underway or recently completed, which would encourage more people into the area and drive demand. These include new infrastructure, gentrification and urban renewal.

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