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Council's budget shapes a strong community

17 Jul 19

Mayor Mark Jamieson said the Council’s $848 million budget for 2019/20 is the eighth consecutive budget which has delivered an operating surplus, enabling council to build on the strong foundations laid over the past seven years.

Supporting inclusive and vibrant communities, valuing our natural assets and embracing opportunities emerging in our smart economy are the cornerstones of Sunshine Coast Council’s budget for 2019/20.

“Our communities are our future and this budget focuses on their needs – today, next year and well into the future,” Mayor Jamieson said.

Some of the highlights of council’s $848 million budget include:

• $225 million for roads and transport infrastructure and services, cycleways and pathways, stormwater assets and public lighting

• $85 million for managing, maintaining and upgrading our parks and gardens, sporting venues, recreation parks, trails and facilities

• $119 million for the operations and improvements to our community including venues, disaster management services, libraries, cemeteries and public health services

• $174 million for our environment programs and services, including management, maintenance and enhancement of our beaches, foreshores, coastal infrastructure and canals; bushland conservation and habitat; and improving the health of our rivers, streams, estuaries and water bodies

• $162 million for economic initiatives – which includes developing the new runway at the Sunshine Coast Airport; delivering the International Broadband Submarine Cable network; continuing the Maroochydore city centre development; a range of local business support and investment attraction services; and continuing support to attract and host major events.

“Council has allocated $85 million to ensure our 1403 hectares of parks and gardens, sporting venues and recreation parks, trails and facilities across the Sunshine Coast are well maintained, accessible and can be enjoyed by everyone.

“Our parks and reserves network is highly valued by our residents and contributes to the Sunshine Coast’s unique character, lifestyle and rich biodiversity.

“Our region’s sporting clubs also play a key role in promoting healthy, active lifestyles and bringing people together, which is why Council has allocated $6.9 million to renew and upgrade some of our sporting facilities.

“This includes $1.9 million to finalise upgrades to AFL and netball facilities at the Maroochydore Multi Sports Complex and $2.1 million to finalise stage two of the regional tennis centre at Caloundra.”

Council will also contribute $3.4 million towards community grants, sports field maintenance, community partnerships and other programs in recognition of the value of its partnerships with community organisations and what they contribute to our region.

Council will also continue with a range of initiatives to support community vitality and economic activity in local areas, including investing $763,000 in 2019/20 in the Nambour Heritage Tramway Project; $2 million in the Landsborough Placemaking Master Plan Project and $1 million to improve the Beerwah Aquatic Centre.

General rates for the majority of Sunshine Coast ratepayers will increase by $36.20 to $1243.20, while the cost to collect a standard 240 litre wheelie bin will increase by $8.60 to $298.60.

The Environment, Heritage and Transport levies will rise by a combined total of $3.50 which, when added to the increase to general rates and wheelie bin collection services, results in a total increase of 2.97% for most households.  The combined increase equates to 93 cents per week, or $48.30 per year.

Environment Levy


Total Environment Levy contributions will increase to $10.9 million this year.

“Our environment and conservation program is the envy of other local governments and we are investing far more in this important area of responsibility than other councils,” Mayor Jamieson said

“This year our investment includes $1.34 million to rehabilitate our coastal dunes, manage shoreline erosion, educate our community and begin gathering the baseline data needed for a coastal health monitoring and reporting framework.

“An $824,000 allocation will fund partnerships and grants for not-for-profit community environmental groups and landholders and a further $545,000 will support Land for Wildlife incentives and the Voluntary Conservation Agreement program which assists landholders with their conservation efforts.” 

The Heritage Levy


The Heritage Levy will raise $1.8 million to go towards projects across four themes – knowledge, conservation, support and communication.

“Council will research regional stories, conserve the region’s heritage assets, including our State Heritage-listed Bankfoot House and its collection and support the region’s community museums and historical societies through grants, professional development, workshops, community programs, collaborative marketing and events,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“Our cultural heritage projects developed in collaboration with Kabi Kabi, Jinibara and Descendants of Australian South Sea Islander peoples will also be supported.”

Mayor Jamieson said the council budget was in an excellent financial position, enabling council to deliver a wide breadth of services to the community as well as invest in region-shaping projects which would provide opportunities for the community today and well into the future.

“After all, that is what a healthy, smart, creative region does.”

Budget Projects - $320 million capital works program includes:

• $97 million on transport and stormwater projects

• $26 million on community, sporting and other public facilities

• $17 million on parks, gardens and public amenities

• $21 million on waste management

• $5 million on holiday parks and the Caloundra Aerodrome

• $105 million on Sunshine Coast Airport Expansion

• $14.4 million on Sunshine Coast International Broadband Network

• $16.6 million on Maroochydore City Centre.


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