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​Proposed historic cultural heritage planning scheme amendment released for public consultation

28 Aug 19

Council is proposing an amendment to the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 and its Planning Scheme Policies to revise and update the provisions relating to cultural heritage. 

The proposed amendment identifies new and modified local heritage places, character areas, character buildings and local plan elements, while removing some existing local heritage places from the planning scheme. The proposed amendment also includes revised assessment provisions in the Heritage and Character Areas Overlay Code that broaden requirements for specific works, as well as improve the clarity and efficiency of the planning scheme.

The proposed amendment is designed to give effect to a key action arising from the Sunshine Coast Heritage Plan 2015 (Action 1.1.3 - Undertake a review of the Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme 2014 by updating the local heritage register (and overlay mapping) contained within the planning scheme).

The proposed amendment to the Planning Scheme Policy for the Heritage and Character Areas Overlay Code includes a complete revision of all heritage place and character area information, resulting in a significant expansion of the information available on each place.

A key aspect of the proposed amendment is the inclusion of a greater number of places which represent post-World War II heritage, coastal urban settings and leading contemporary architecture of outstanding quality. In this way, the proposed amendment is intended to reflect a broader range of themes relevant to the settlement and development of the Sunshine Coast in the historic era following first contact between Aboriginal people and Europeans (post-contact).

As part of recent investigations into post-contact cultural heritage, thematic history studies have been prepared to provide a supporting contextual overview of the Coast’s post-contact history.

The proposed amendment is subject to public consultation from Monday 19 August until 4.30pm on Monday 16 September

A copy of the proposed planning scheme amendment package (Amendment Instrument) and explanatory information (Explanatory Memorandum) can be:

  • accessed at Council’s administration buildings in:
    • Maroochydore     10 First Avenue Maroochydore Qld 4558
    • Nambour     Cnr Currie and Bury Streets Nambour Qld 4560
    • Caloundra    1 Omrah Avenue Caloundra Qld 4551
  • viewed at all Council libraries, and
  • downloaded from Council’s proposed Planning Scheme Amendment – Historic Cultural Heritage webpage.

Please refer to Council’s proposed Planning Scheme Amendment – Historic Cultural Heritage webpage for details on how to make a submission about the proposed amendment.  

For further information, please contact Council’s Strategic Planning Branch on (07) 5420 8953 or email This proposed amendment is supported by Council’s Cultural Heritage Levy.