Sunshine Coast Community News

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Sunshine Coast "Free Little Pantry" Locations

First National Coastal has joined the "Free Pantry" movement, teaming with Lifecare Pantry to be a collection point for goods for those who find themselves unable to afford the basic necessities in life.

Many groups in the community are providing collection / distribution points to provide emergency supplies for those in need.

Please note:
✔️ All items must be non-perishable, unopened & within best-before/use-by-date
✔️ Travel friendly items are more useful, eg travel-size toiletries, multipacks of food & drink, plastic jars and tins over glass, pull-top lid tins

Here are some ideas of things people in need will find useful:

⚫  Tinned and packet ready-to-eat meals (Eg Chunky Soups, Pasta & Sauce, Baked Beans, Noodles)
⚫  Long life milk & fruit-juice (200mL & 1L)
⚫  Rice, pasta, pasta sauce
⚫  Non-perishable meat (Eg Jerky, Tinned Chicken/ Tuna/ Sardines/ Spam/ Ham)
⚫  Tinned Fruit and Vegetables
⚫  Breakfast items (Eg Instant Oats Sachets, Kellogs variety packs, breakfast biscuits etc)
⚫  Peanut butter and vegemite (small plastic jars preferred)
⚫  Sachets of Sugar, Tea & Coffee
⚫  Snacks (Eg non perishable dip and biscuits, salsa, muesli bars, multi-packs of chips / savoury biscuits, )
⚫  Biscuits (Eg Saladas, VitaWeet, breakfast biscuits)
⚫  Toiletries (Eg toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, sunscreen, combs, soap, cottonbuds, bodywipes, feminine hygiene products, 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner)
⚫  First-Aid supplies (eg travel first-aid-kits, bandaids, insect repellant, sanitiser)
⚫  Baby supplies (eg formula, nappies, wipes)

Where to take your goods:

ALEXANDRA HEADLANDLifecare Op Shop9/125 Sugar Road, Alexandra HeadlandTue-Sat 10am-2pmCollection & Distribution
BLI BLI Bli Bli Free Little Pantry Open 24/7 365 days a yearGive / Take
CALOUNDRAFree Little Pantry CaloundraCaloundra Community Centre,
58A Queen Street, Caloundra
 Give / Take
GOLDEN BEACHFree Little Pantry Golden Beach16 Blaxland Street, Golden BeachOpen 24/7 365 days a yearGive / Take
MAROOCHYDORELifecare Pantry Collection PointFirst National Coastal,
opp. KFC on First Ave Maroochydore
9am-5pm weekdays
(excluding public holidays)
Collection Point
MAROOCHYDOREMaroochy Neighbourhood Centre2 Fifth Ave, Cotton Tree9am-3pm Tue-Fri
5pm-6pm Tue & Thu
Collection & Distribution
NAMBOURThe Shack Community Centre19 Price St, Nambour9am-2pm  Mon-Wed, FriCollection & Distribution
NAMBOUR - BURNSIDEThe Free Little Pantry Burnside185 Nambour Mapleton Road, Burnside Give / Take
PALMWOODSPalmwoods Free Little Pantry7 Lingara Avenue, PalmwoodsOpen 24/7 365 days a yearGive / Take
SIPPY DOWNSSippy Downs Street Library & Pantry83 Fitzwilliam Drive, Sippy DownsOpen 24/7 365 days a yearGive / Take
WURTULLAFree Little Pantry Wurtulla512 Nicklin Way, WurtullaOpen 24/7 365 days a yearGive / Take
Things that should not be donated:

🚫 hot / cooked food & meals
🚫 open / unsealed packets
🚫 fresh/frozen meat
🚫 money donations
🚫 supplements or health items