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Sunshine Coast "Free Little Pantry" Locations


Many groups in the community are providing collection / distribution points to provide emergency supplies for those in need.

First National Coastal is a proud supporter of the Free Pantry" movement, an initiative which provides goods for those who find themselves unable to afford the basic necessities in life.

Here are some ideas of things people in need will find useful:

⚫  Tinned and packet ready-to-eat meals (Eg Chunky Soups, Pasta & Sauce, Baked Beans, Noodles)
⚫  Long life milk & fruit-juice (200mL & 1L)
⚫  Rice, pasta, pasta sauce
⚫  Non-perishable meat (Eg Jerky, Tinned Chicken/ Tuna/ Sardines/ Spam/ Ham)
⚫  Tinned Fruit and Vegetables
⚫  Breakfast items (Eg Instant Oats Sachets, Kellogs variety packs, breakfast biscuits etc)
⚫  Peanut butter and vegemite (small plastic jars preferred)
⚫  Sachets of Sugar, Tea & Coffee
⚫  Snacks (Eg non perishable dip and biscuits, salsa, muesli bars, multi-packs of chips / savoury biscuits, )
⚫  Biscuits (Eg Saladas, VitaWeet, breakfast biscuits)
⚫  Feminine hygiene products
⚫  Toiletries (Eg toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, sunscreen, combs, soap, cottonbuds, bodywipes, 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner)
⚫  First-Aid supplies (eg travel first-aid-kits, bandaids, insect repellant, sanitiser)
⚫  Baby supplies (eg formula, nappies, wipes)

Please note:

✔️ All items must be non-perishable, unopened & within best-before/use-by-date
✔️ Travel friendly items are more useful, eg travel-size toiletries, multipacks of food & drink, plastic jars and tins over glass, pull-top lid tins

Sunshine Coast free little pantry locations:

ALEXANDRA HEADLANDLifecare Op Shop9/125 Sugar Road, Alexandra HeadlandTue-Sat 10am-2pmCollection & Distribution
BLI BLI Bli Bli Free Little Pantry

RHS of the Sunshine Castle Main Gates
292 -296 David Low Way Bli Bli

Open 24/7 365 days a yearGive / Take
CALOUNDRAFree Little Pantry Caloundra,
Caloundra Community Centre
LHS of centre near the caravan,
58A Queen Street, Caloundra
Open 24/7 365 days a yearGive / Take
GOLDEN BEACHFree Little Pantry Golden Beach16 Blaxland Street, Golden BeachOpen 24/7 365 days a yearGive / Take
MAROOCHYDOREMaroochy Neighbourhood Centre2 Fifth Ave, Cotton Tree9am-3pm Tue-Fri
5pm-6pm Tue & Thu
Collection & Distribution
NAMBOURThe Shack Community Centre19 Price St, Nambour9am-2pm  Mon-Wed, FriCollection & Distribution
NAMBOUR - BURNSIDEThe Free Little Pantry Burnside185 Nambour Mapleton Road, BurnsideOpen 24/7 365 days a yearGive / Take
PALMWOODSPalmwoods Free Little Pantry7 Lingara Avenue, PalmwoodsOpen 24/7 365 days a yearGive / Take
SIPPY DOWNSSippy Downs Street Library & Pantry83 Fitzwilliam Drive, Sippy DownsOpen 24/7 365 days a yearGive / Take
WURTULLAFree Little Pantry Wurtulla512 Nicklin Way, WurtullaOpen 24/7 365 days a yearGive / Take

Things that should not be donated:

🚫 hot / cooked food & meals
🚫 open / unsealed packets
🚫 fresh/frozen meat
🚫 money donations
🚫 supplements or health items

Free Little Pantry Sunshine Coast Bli Bli