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First National Mooloolaba & Maroochydore Prepares Community for Emergencies

First National Real Estate Mooloolaba & Maroochydore has signed up to support a major fundraising partnership that will benefit communities around Australia.
The First National Foundation’s partnership with Red Cross involves First National’s 400 offices around Australia in raising money to support Red Cross Emergency Services.
Red Cross Emergency Services offers a combination of information initiatives aimed at helping households and communities across Australia to prepare for, respond to and recover from a range of potential emergencies more effectively.
‘We are very excited to be involved in such an important community initiative and to work with an organisation as respected as Red Cross,’ First National Mooloolaba & Maroochydore principal Paul Angell said.
‘This partnership will focus on building stronger, more ‘emergency ready’ communities across the country.  Better prepared households can deal more readily with smaller emergencies like house fires or burst water mains, but will also be better placed to cope with larger events such as floods, cyclones, bushfires and even man-made emergencies.
‘With the increasing incidence and severity of emergencies and disasters, both natural and man-made, it’s important we’re all better prepared to withstand the impacts of these events and understand how we can best recover from them.’
First National Real Estate Mooloolaba & Maroochydore has already donated $1,000 to the First National Foundation’s partnership with Red Cross in support of Red Cross Emergency Services and is now planning future fundraising events.   

To date, First National Foundation has contributed more than $1.2 million to the worthy work of Red Cross.  Through its activities during Red Cross Calling, the network hopes to significantly increase that figure.