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Bruce Highway Upgraded to Six Lanes

Mon 23 July 2018 | Source: Department of Transport and Main Roads

Major construction is now underway on the stretch of Bruce Highway between Caloundra road and the Sunshine Motorway to deliver a 6-lane highway, a 2-way service road on the western side of the highway and upgrades to both interchanges. 

The Bruce Highway Upgrade will provide vital community infrastructure and is designed to meet the strategic transport needs of the Sunshine Coast region in this area well into the future.

The upgrade will deliver critical safety benefits to motorists, improve efficiency and reduce traffic congestion, and ensure the highway can cater for future traffic growth. 

The upgraded 6-lane Bruce Highway will allow the speed limit to be returned to 110km/hr.

The 2-way service road between Steve Irwin Way and Tanawah Tourist Drive will help to improve travel efficiency and reduce traffic congestion by providing another route for local traffic accessing the western road of the highway, including Aussie World.

Construction is expected to be completed in late 2020, weather permitting.

Key upgrades:

• Removal of the intersection on the Bruce Highway northbound exit ramp to the Sunshine Motorway near Wilson Road. The intersection will be replaced with new free-flowing, grade separated ramps to significantly improve safety for northbound motorists exiting and entering the Bruce Highway.
• Transformation of the existing Caloundra Road interchange into a Diverging Diamond Interchange.
• Inclusion of a secondary access to the western service road at the Sunshine Motorway interchange for northbound traffic on the Bruce Highway.
• Provision of a direct access to the Sippy Downs interchange from the western service road for local traffic.
• Retainment of all access ramps between the Sippy Downs interchange and the Sunshine Motorway.
• Provision of new active transport infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians as well as new car pool and bus stop facilities.
• Provision of a revised southbound exit from the Bruce Highway to Pignata Road. The new exit ramp will provide a safe and direct access to local businesses and residences, as well as a future connection to the Harmony development in Palmview.
• Reduction of the project footprint on the Beerwah State Forest.


NOW OPEN: Pignata Road car pool facility

A new car pool facility between the Bruce Highway and Pignata Road in Palmview has opened to the public. Commuters are now able to park their vehicles and travel with their colleagues, family and friends to destinations both north and south of the coast.
The car pool facility can be accessed via Pignata Road and caters for 240 vehicles in a safe, well-lit location.