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Blind and Curtain Cord Safety Queensland

Apr - May 2014 | Residential Tenancies Authority

Lessors are obliged to ensure a rental property is in a good state of repair and fit for the tenant to live in.

To minimise the risk to children, all new corded blinds, curtains and window coverings must comply with a national safety standard.

Blind and curtain cords have the potential to harm babies and children, who can be easily entangled in the loops.

According to the Office of Fair Trading, since 2000 at least 12 children have died from blind or curtain cord strangulation in Australia.

All new window coverings supplied to rental properties must follow the mandatory standard, which came into effect in 2010 and is detailed on the Product Safety Australia website.

Blinds and curtain cords supplied before 2010 can be made safe by either cutting the cords or hooking them up out of harm’s way.

Safety tassels, which join the ends of blind cords together and separate when pressure is applied, are available from hardware stores.

Alternatively, blind cords can be wrapped securely around hooks attached high on the wall.

The Office of Fair Trading recommends the following:

Low-hanging blind and curtain cords are a strangulation risk to young children. Think safety first with these helpful tips.

Keep out of reach

Make sure children can’t reach any blind or curtain cords, especially if they stand on the furniture.

Don’t let cords dangle into or near children’s equipment. This includes:

  • cots (or portable cots)
  • high chairs
  • playpens
  • anything else your child sits on, lies in or climbs on.

Avoid low-hanging cords

Make sure the bottom of any blind or curtain cord is at least 160cm above the floor. Wrap blind cords securely around a hook attached high on the wall.

Install safety devices

For older blinds install a cord tensioning device, such as cord holders and wind-ups, to hold the cord tight against a wall. Alternatively, retrofit the blind or curtain cord with breakaway tassels.

Safety products can be bought from hardware or curtain shops.

Seek advice

New blinds must meet safety standards and be installed in a safe manner.

Further information is available on the ACCC website.