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Maroochydore CBD boosts regional jobs and economy

3 May 2017 | Source: Sunshine Coast Council

A 53 hectare greenfield site in the heart of Maroochydore, the capital of the Sunshine Coast, is being transformed into a city centre for the 21st century, offering unparalleled investment and development opportunities in Queensland’s thriving south-east corner. Declared a priority Development Area by the Queensland Government, the Maroochydore City centre is expected to service a wider catchment of over two million people by 2030.

More than 150 jobs are expected to be created with civil works commencing in the first stage of the new Maroochydore city centre. New roads, footpaths, cycleways, lighting, parks and landscaping will take shape in the civil construction works that will cost $25 million and take around 12 months to complete.

The works will include the installation of underground services and smart city infrastructure that will position the CBD amongst the most technologically advanced in Australia.

SunCentral is the company overseeing design and delivery of the new city centre. “The foundations of this new CBD will be unlike those of any other Australian city centre,” SunCentral CEO John Knaggs said. “We will have three separate conduits for NBN Co, Telstra and the new CBD’s dedicated Smart City fibre optic network, as well as the first CBD-wide underground Automated Waste Collection System (AWCS) in Australia. Around 1.7km of AWCS pipes will be laid beneath stage one of the CBD.” The pipes will allow waste to be transported underground at speeds of up to 70kmh to a central transfer station, making footpath garbage collections obsolete in the new city centre.

Mr Knaggs said eight new streets are included in stage one of the CBD, creating lots for commercial, retail and mixed use development, with a central block to be transformed into a public park. He said this first phase of civil works would be a boost for local jobs and the economy. 

“It’s great to see the project moving to the next stage and it’s more good news for the local economy,” Mr Knaggs said. “The cost of works to be completed in this first stage is approximately $25 million and it is estimated that at least 150 jobs will be generated in the construction and professional services sectors. “Over the longer term, the new CBD is expected to create more than 15,000 jobs and provide a $4.4 billion boost for the Sunshine Coast economy.”

The civil works construction will continue into early 2018 and will be completed by a range of contractors including Sunshine Coast-based firm Shadforths Civil Contractors; ENVAC for the AWCS pipe network and several sub-contractors.

Smart technology is being embedded throughout the Maroochydore City site with city-wide smart signage, Wi-fi, real time transport information, movement sensors, smart lighting in public places and access to a high speed, fibre optic digital network providing internet speeds equivalent to australia’s fastest.

The new Maroochydore City centre will create an energetic commercial and city lifestyle with night life, event venues, al fresco dining, boulevard shopping, urban recreation, community facilities and water’s edge experiences. 

The climate and existing natural assets of the Sunshine Coast have informed the city centre design, with 40 percent of the site to be waterways and parks.

Maroochydore City centre will be serviced by frequent and reliable public transport, with a transit plaza in the CBD catering for all modes of commuting and providing direct access to business, retail, dining and residential precincts.

This unparalleled development represents a region coming of age, attracting a new wave of residents, businesses and skilled workers who enjoy having first class facilities on their doorstep.

Maroochydore CBD Fast Facts



• SunCentral Maroochydore Pty Ltd was established by the Sunshine Coast Council in March 2015.
• The 53-hectare site was declared a Priority Development Area by the State Government in July 2013, planned for development over 20 years.
• The Council established SunCentral Maroochydore Pty Ltd to oversee development of the site.
• The new city centre is needed to meet the demands of Australia’s fastest growing region.
• It is located 10 minutes from Sunshine Coast Airport.

Economic and employment benefits

• Creating 15,000 jobs by 2025 and more than 30,000 jobs by 2040.
• Expected to value add more than $350 million to the state’s economy in the next five years.
• Will provide an estimated $4.4 billion boost to the Sunshine Coast economy over the life of the project.
• Project expected to provide an estimated $5.9 billion boost to the Queensland economy.

Urban design

• Prime commercial office space, exclusive retail, exhibition, convention and entertainment facilities, a premium hotel and recreational spaces.
• Approximately 40 per cent of the site will be parks, plazas and waterways.
• A rail corridor into Maroochydore is already designated by the State Government.
• Potential for light rail to connect Caloundra, Kawana and Mooloolaba with Maroochydore’s new CBD.
• 150,000m2 commercial gross floor area, 65,000m2 retail gross floor area and 2000 residential apartments.

Technology and environmental sustainability

• High speed fibre optic digital connections.
• A range of ‘smart city’ innovations such as smart lighting and signage and technology that assists parking, traffic management and provides real time information for public transport.
• Australia’s first CBD-wide automated underground waste collection system.
• Environmentally sustainable building design.


Investment Opportunities:

• 150,000m2 commercial Gross floor area
• 65,000m2 retail Gross floor area
• 2,000 residential apartments.

Lots in Stage 1 will be released to the market in 2016 offering:

• 36,000m2 Gross floor area for commercial uses
• 22,000m2 Gross floor area for retail uses
• 450 residential apartments


Project Director
SunCentral Maroochydore Pty Ltd
Phone: +617 5452 7274

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New Maroochydore CBD SunCentral Plan

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