Tips for body corporate schemes during the wet season

Due to the heavy rain and wind season, water damage such as dampness, infiltration, concrete cancer and burst pipes might affect properties and buildings around the Sunshine Coast area. Being water damage one of most frequently reasons of insurance claims, causing damages and costing thousands of dollars, being prepared by doing regular maintenance and preventing these events to happen its crucial for the benefits of the properties.
In strata buildings, the body corporate committee and the body corporate manager must require urgent repairs during emergency situations to prevent high risks exposure to the scheme. This is the reason why a structural engineering and building defects report are so important as it will assess issues that can be prevented and remediated on time.

To avoid devastating effects on buildings, some following areas must be looked with care (alert) and analysed if there are any risks involved:

• Garage – Some garages may collect runoff water from an obstruction caused by leaves, debris or the floor angle. 

• Gutter – Regular maintenance of the gutter is essential to avoid overflowing and water damage through the roof. Keeping it clean by removing leaves or debris will help the building avoid problems.

•  Roof – Checking roof areas are crucial to keep it performing according to its intended function. Any weakness, deterioration or hazard must be reported to be fixed asap due unsafe condition.

•  Sewer line – Stay alert for unusual symptoms when the toilet is flushed, abnormal drain noise or water backing up inside the property or around common areas of the building. These represent a water line trouble and a tradesperson must be contacted to detect the main cause of the problem.

Regular and proper maintenance of properties and buildings are essential to avoid major problems. It’s important that owners and investors, tenants, body corporate managers and onsite managers are aware of these risks and report them to qualified and experienced professionals.